The Magnificent Marble Statues of Mansion House

History of the statues’ placement; lack of funds preventing addition of statues in Egyptian Hall until 19th century when City’s involvement in the Great Exhibition of 1851 encouraged the commissioning and placement of statues by the City Architect James Bunning; subjects drawn from British history and British literature to provide “objects of worthy pride to our fellow citizens”; details on 3 statues, ‘Sardanapalus’, ‘Alexander’s Feast’ & ‘Timon of Athens’. Continue reading “The Magnificent Marble Statues of Mansion House”

Best of the Old with the Best of the New – The Guildhall Complex and its Relationship with Organisational Change

Changes to the built environment of the Guildhall Complex covering the period from 1884, discussing  the ‘new’ Council Chamber, the Great Hall of Guildhall, the former Art Gallery, North Office Block & West Wing offices, the construction of new Guildhall Art Gallery incorporating the remains of the Roman Amphitheatre; the Guildhall Improvement Project; changes in organisational behaviour with examples given of changes to committee meetings; changing role of Chairman of Policy Committee and that of Chief Commoner. Continue reading “Best of the Old with the Best of the New – The Guildhall Complex and its Relationship with Organisational Change”

The Samuel Collection: materials and techniques

Guildhall Art Gallery Conservators Nancy Wade and Judith Wetherall discuss the Samuel collection of paintings which have been displayed at the Mansion House since they were bequeathed to the City Corporation in 1987. Nancy discusses artists’ studios and materials, including supports and paints while Judith speaks of the frames, referring to the styles and materials used in their preparation. This paper was presented at the Mansion House. Continue reading “The Samuel Collection: materials and techniques”