1993 Bishopsgate Bomb and its aftermath

First hand account of incident and aftermath and emergency actions taken by the City following the explosion which caused extensive damage to many buildings including 55 Bishopsgate, 99 Bishopsgate, St Ethelburga’s Church, The NatWest Tower and Liverpool Street Station. Provision of office space for disrupted occupiers provided via the CPAT team. Steps taken to protect the financial centre; construction of the “ring of steel” in the City of London; pager alert scheme initiated for building managers, works to car parks and removal of street furniture. Longer term changes discussed, including a change in planning for consents on commercial buildings accelerating the remodelling of the physical structures of the City Continue reading “1993 Bishopsgate Bomb and its aftermath”

Who Killed Alderman Sir Alfred Newton?

The circumstances surrounding the unexplained death from strychnine poisoning in 1921 of the former Lord Mayor of London, Sir Alfred Newton, are discussed and background on his life and civic career is given.  The financial scandal around the acquisition and management of the Industrial Contract Corporation in the late 19th century is put forward as a possible motive for the poisoning of Newton although the killer has not been identified and the mystery around his death remains unsolved. Continue reading “Who Killed Alderman Sir Alfred Newton?”