Robert Walpole and the City of London, 1721-1742

An assessment of the relationship between Robert Walpole and the City during his Long Ministry: ‘Walpole’s twenty one years in power brought great benefits to the City, but its favourable influence was never readily available to him and its hostility at the end was a factor in his final defeat by his Tory opponents’. Continue reading “Robert Walpole and the City of London, 1721-1742”

The Burning of the Jubilee Book 1376-1387

Abridged from a seminar paper, this talk attempts to explain the extraordinary events which led to the burning of the Corporation’s Jubilee Book in 1387. The significance of the book is investigated, an author is tentatively proposed and the contents of the book are suggested. Did it survive in copy form? Continue reading “The Burning of the Jubilee Book 1376-1387”