Robert Walpole and the City of London, 1721-1742

An assessment of the relationship between Robert Walpole and the City during his Long Ministry: ‘Walpole’s twenty one years in power brought great benefits to the City, but its favourable influence was never readily available to him and its hostility at the end was a factor in his final defeat by his Tory opponents’. Continue reading “Robert Walpole and the City of London, 1721-1742”

Fleet Street

A summary history of Fleet Street, encompassing Fleet Marriages (1696-1753) and Sweeney Todd’s barber’s shop, but with a particular focus on the associations of the street with national newspapers. The impact of the introduction of the Koenig Steam Press in 1814, the power of the unions; the role of the Press Barons and the eventual move of the publication of newspapers away from Fleet Street are described in detail. Continue reading “Fleet Street”